Ron Holland

Ron is the host of the Public Affairs show, 'COMMUNITY VOICES' on Praise 100.9 & 92.7 and Old School 105.3, FM, Charlotte. Ron is also an Assistant Production Manager for Radio One, Charlotte. He's also a Producer and Board Operator. Ron is a graduate of the Carolina School of Broadcasting. Ron hosted Let's Talk News, a weekly radio show that aired on 88.1 FM, WYGG in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Ron's show aired for four years, ending in 2005 when he relocated to Charlotte, NC. Ron is a former Reporter for three New Jersey newspapers: The Asbury Park Press(the 2nd largest daily newspaper in New Jersey), The Shoreview Weekly News and City News of Newark, New Jersey. Ron also published his own Christian Newspaper, Faith & Works News, which was distributed to 42 churches in the City of Asbury Park, New Jersey and surrounding communities.