There’s Nothing Like Good Ol’ Gospel Spirituals!

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By Tanya Wilson

There is nothing like old gospel spirituals that I grew up on.  It’s funny that when things happen in life, one of the songs in your memory bank will bubble up and speak to you right where you are.  This week, the late James Cleveland and his version of “What Shall I Do,” delivered a powerful reminder to me.  One verse, the one I like the best, “…..when the night gets the darkest, that’s God’s good time, that’s when He steps in.”

The journey of life will always ebb and flow.  Sometimes things will be well, and other times you find yourself on rocky terrain.  An easy life free of any challenges was never promised to any of us, 2 Timothy 1-8 offers us insight on that.

The good news when you are dealing with the challenges of life is the value of your tried and true support partners.  These are the folks in your life that you can totally reveal your heart to, it might be only one or two, but there is power in those connection.  Somehow I think it was in the plan of life, that we would meet special people along our journey that can lift our arms even if we cannot.

I remember years ago one of the mothers of the church; my goodness the wisdom that could come from them.  She said, “honey, know your Word, and surround yourself with people that know their Word.”  I had to chuckle as I thought of her this week, it seemed as if I could still see that big flower on the front of her hat.

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